Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Captain's blog, stardate day 2

Well, I always wanted to use that phrase...
I'm finally getting to see Star Trek Voyager, and enjoying it - love the title music and scenes of the Voyager too - the cloud parting, the rings and reflection, and the eclipse. It's taken long for it to get here, but it was worth the wait.

I'm feeling a bit bashed by the flu, a bit like having an 18-tonne ship section fall on my head. At least good old Sopadeine put paid to the headache. Having tried to work on my postgrad and failed miserably, I picked up one of my multiple reread books - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, in this case - and started it all over again. Good old MacMurphy is the ambiguous anti-hero par excellence. Terrible, and yet so just in many ways. I'd gotten to the point where the inmates play Monopoly - over 3 days - and the description of the rather mad version they enjoy reminded me of my favourite way of playing it - as bank, accepting bribes and handing out gratuities to whoever is underdog. And generally making a mess of the proceedings. If a game isn't fun to play and mess about with, it's not worth that much playing. Being, as you may have gathered from yesterday's pic, a bit of a wargamer, I started speculating on a mix of wargame rules with Monopoly. Anyone interested can find what may become a discussion at Epicomms, a terrific forum for the Games Workshop Epic game and lots more. Try here:

cheers all.
PS - remind me to explain 'Vanmullikan'


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