Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Blog vacant

Well day one draws to a close here, and my flu-phase-three (dry cough) is getting at me. I've completed a bit of writing I'd been working at for ages, so the day wasn't wasted. One good thing about a blog is that it's a bit like the daily evaluation promoted by Jesuits - you can't let the day go by without reviewing what you were up to.
Work tomorrow, cutting specimens and mounting them in Bakelite for my postgrad in engineering, followed by the department Christmas/New Year culinary bash. Sigh. I wish I were better at food.

Meanwhile, in the background, a plan is forming for applying Game Theory to [classified] and for a new short story - or rather an old one, which has been waiting to be told. Very short - this one will go to the Fish shorts competition, maximum 250 words. It's all about a grave and a neighbour, and it's more or less autobiographical. The places we live in reflect what we are - or vice-versa. Or, more likely, both.

By the way, as Blogger persona I should introduce [censorship persona] [greetings and best wishes for 2006] who loves square brackets and avoids upper case - unless he gets real upset about something and goes to the other [EXTREME]. Along the way, you'll be meeting a few others.

Parting shot - the fewer siblings you have, the more personalities you end up carrying around. Or maybe they're just someone you can blame mistypes on.

Oh - just a pic-post test - here's something I completed today. I love old Epic Space Marine era models.

cheers all.


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